Another Amazing Weekend


We have been blessed lately with lots of fun on the weekends.  This one was great.  Two trips to Cocoa Village.  One with great friends and the second just as a family.  What a neat area.  Architecturally interesting.  Great colors.  Cool art gallerys.  Alleys.  We even found a mountain.  OK it was barely a hill but here in Central Florida you take what you can get.  The shot above is in an art gallery.  They have classes for kiddos which I think we are interested in. 

We went in to the Porcher house.  Oh I would love to have a house like that.  Doesn't need to be that big but the style is great.  This shot was on the back porch area that is mostly windows.  The light is amazing.  Would love to spend a few hours working shots in there.  Too bad my current subject won't stand still for more than one shot.

The kiddos had so much fun at the park with friends.

Maggie gave me some flowers.  Daddy's not a big flowers kind of guy but I'll take whatever that sweet thing gives me.  So I arranged them on a bar at Murdock's restaurant.  Great light and some rain gives an interesting shot.



Here's the rock and roll shot in the alley.


And here is a sad rocker that wanted to go all the way down the alley.  Rocker's Mom and Dad did not.



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