Candy Corns?

Candy Corn With Punkins

One of my favorite candies of all time.  Why?  Because I love honey.  Hi my name is Page and I love honey!  And candy corns are made from honey.  All of that has almost nothing to do with this post because these aren't candy corns.  They only look like them.  Gretchen made these very tasty cookies tonight and I got the call to take some blog shots for her.

Candy Corn Cookie Setup

I included the setup shot for your enjoyment (if you're into that kind of thing).  You can see the cute little umbrella I recently got.  I've been using it exclusively since.  It's very agile for moving around the house.  My other umbrella is like 43" or so. 

Candy Corn Cookies

I had to move the flash away because I wanted to shoot at f2.8 for shallow depth of field.  With it up close I was getting like f5.6 or so.  We tried using a white tablecloth but it needed to be ironed.  You could see every crease.  So I shot some just on the table.  But we settled on these shot on white foamcore.  Also used a piece of foamcore for fill on the left.

Candy Corn Cookies

I wish I could transmit the smell and flavor through the photos.

Be blessed.

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