When Mommy Is Away Getting Food . . .

The Diner

This is what happens.  Daddy starts recording the chaos on camera.  As many onlookers gawk at the sight. 

So we went to the art festival this past weekend.  We wanted to take in all the atmosphere so we decided to have lunch downtown at a new diner.  Pretty good burgers I must say.  I guess the excitement was too much for these boys.  They were really putting on a show for the huge art show crowd.

The Diner

Photographically speaking, there was something cool going on here with the light.  We are in a diner.  It was very brightly lit from millions (ok, lots) of fluorescent fixtures overhead.  The table tops were white.  So no matter where you sit there is instant clam shell lighting.  Reflection from the white table tops fills in the shadows giving a cool studio look.  Even though these were taken an exceptionally busy diner in downtown Melbourne.

The Diner

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