Texture, originally uploaded by paggre.

This was another shot for the photo-a-day challenge at http://photochallenge.org.

I like the dark space here. I tried some that were only the pattern of the basket. I think the negative space adds some interest to the photo. Also tried different amounts of fill light from the right using the autoshade. Varied the distance and found that I liked less fill light. The shadows reveal the texture.

So I used my shoot-thru umbrella with the 285HV. I find that I am using the shoot-thru exclusively since I got it. It is nice to get that added aperture by getting the umbrella in very close. The autoshade is very handy and cheap. So if you need a reflector, don't pay $40 for a "photographic" one. Hit your local Wal-Mart and pick up one for $5. I wish they made a gold autoshade. Has anyone seen one?

Be blessed.


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