Fall In Florida

Fall In Florida, originally uploaded by paggre.

Yes this is as good as it get for fall colors in Florida. A few oak leaves and some leaves from our sickly lemon tree (it may actually be a lime tree, we aren't sure because we have only harvested 1 fruit from it since we have lived here).

Oh yeah, photography. So I saw this vignette example in Popular Photography I think. Maybe it was Outdoor Photographer. Not sure. Wow I am really helpful huh? I don't really have Photoshop. I downloaded the 30 day trial. So I am trying to do as much as I can for the limited amount of time. I also downloaded Lightroom's trial as well. I like it all so far. Honestly though, short of adjustment layers, I can do almost everything in Gimp. I know that Photoshop does non-destructive editing but I haven't seen a problem using Gimp. So maybe one of you can point out to me what I do not understand about this.


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  • Dave Says:


    Great shot, I like how the image has a 3D type feel about it especially how the vignette blends it into the black background.


    PS I found your blog from a comment you left over at prophotolife.com

  • paggre Says:


    Thanks for the comment. I really enjoy prophotolife.com. I am an amateur that thinks occasionally about the business of photography. So the info that he share is very helpful. Stuff to keep in the back of my head for the future.

    I was very happy with the 3D feel. Didn't set out to get that effect. Not sure how it happened. I followed the directions. I'm certainly not a pro with photoshop or the like.

    Thanks again. Hope to hear from you again.

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