Sunrise Guard Tower

Sunrise Guard Tower, originally uploaded by paggre.

This is my second trip to this guard tower trying to get something that I like. I like this. The first trip I did not bring my lighting rig. So everything was just silhouetted against the sky. Not bad but not what I wanted. I wanted detail in the chair and sand. So any of you expert landscapers help me out. I figure I need a graduated filter to accomplish that.

So I also tried an HDR'ish kind of approach. I took 3 exposures and combined them. Tried 2 approaches to this as well. One was a script for the gimp. The other was tufuse for windows. Tufuse worked the best but still not the look I was after.

So for this I had one bare flash and took a few shots to aim the flash the way I wanted it. Then I just kept the ambient exposure down 1 stop and brought up the flash power until it looked good to me.


2 Response to "Sunrise Guard Tower"

  • David Says:

    paggre: I really like this shot. The composition is good, colors superb. I wonder if you tried a fill flash to highlight the details in the sand and the chair. Nice DOF, focus. Keep shooting!

  • paggre Says:

    Thanks Dave. Yeah I would like to try more flashes. I've got to get another strobist kit without the triggers.

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